Advertising & Promotions

Due to the sensitive nature of the service we are planning to provide we will have to partner with school, hospital and specialized institutions to reach our residents. The nurses at school would be able to alert a case management to a potential case of child abuse and if the teen and his family are agreeable, the case manager could enroll him with our center. Being a free program will help youth to enroll in this service. There should not be additional incentives offered to use this program.

The Center will promote and reach out to the community in a variety different way through advertisement and promotional methods both on and offline. Direct outreach on high school campuses, Malden public Library and the Malden YMCA, will be our most effective way of reaching youth. We will also promote and advertise using our website, Facebook, YouTube, newspaper, radio, TV, as well as through flyers and Word-of-mouth in the community. The hope using those different channels is to reach out to youth as well as adults. While an online presence will cover mainly youth, newspaper, radio and TV are mainly geared towards the adults, they are still great ways to provide important facts and statistics about the center mission. These methods reach people who aren’t online and cater more towards the parents of local youth.