Strategic Theory

The Rising Youth Center mission is to:

  • Help young adults, ages 17 to 22, waiting for asylum status, recovering from Jail time, homeless or runaway, to develop a sense of purpose in a safe environment.
  • To use center staff positive influence to help youth build self-esteem and skills for success.
  • To empower youth to make healthy lifestyle choices.
  • To Help youth realize their dream

The Rising Youth Center provides opportunities for young people to reach their full potential and the skills and confidence to make healthy choices, successfully navigating difficult time. Below are few areas we will focus on to achieve our goals:

Environmental Change – Homeless and runaway youth consistently identify family conflict as the primary reason for homelessness and they experience more conflict at home than their peers. Those youth experience higher rates of serious violence, child abuse, and neglect. Offering a safe environment where youth can voice their opinions, learn how to build positive youth and adult relationships and opening lines of communication is paramount. As a large percentage of youth attribute running away because of poor relationships with parents. The center in this case will change negative climates of conflict and violence to become positive and celebratory. 501 non profit

Therapy – The Rising Youth Center will partner with volunteer specialist to help deal with issues that homeless youth experience at a high rate such as physical and sexual abuse.

Empowerment and Personal Growth – young people involved with the center will be empowered to take on leadership roles and give input on all facets of the organization. We strive to inspire all young people to find their passions and achieve their goals. We also believe providing an environment where they can express their opinions and frustrations can help their personal growth. The Center will also emphasize positive body image, mental and emotional wellbeing and peer support as key aspects to youth empowerment