The Program

The Rising Youth Center brings together multiple approaches to help individuals thrive, create change and develop new strategies for moving forward. The program is a hybrid of case management, residential treatment center and wilderness therapy program. By combining administrative help, the comfort and support of a home-like setting with the inherent challenges of outdoor experiences, the center provides the balance young adults need to actively engage in independent adulthood.

The Rising Youth Center program

The case management services will provide youth the training they need to understand and deal with administrative procedures. Those services include but are not limited to:

  • Providing Insurance
  • Gathering vital records
  • Finding permanent housing
  • Job readiness such as career counseling and job placement
  • Learning English
  • Applying for Immigration status
  • Offering computer classes (Microsoft suites, social media…)
  • Financial literacy (Banking, Credit score…)
  • Educational opportunities, such as GED preparation, post-secondary training and vocational education

The center will also offer various workshops for young people to gain new skills such as driving. This will arm them with the core skills to embark into self-sufficient living.

The residential setting offers youth a refuge where they can focus on learning valuable life skills. At the residence, our youth live communally, manage their space, prepare meals and clean together in a manner similar to home. The group setting provides a safe space to recognize and work on relationship and behavior patterns, while identifying and drawing out strengths. It will also provide the much-needed safe space for young people to be during difficult time in their lives. The targeted life skills include but are not limited to:

  • Basic life skills building, including consumer education, budgeting, housekeeping and food preparation
  • Gathering vital records
  • Safe, stable living accommodations
  • Involve in community service projects

The center will use outdoor and wilderness excursions as a means to develop accomplishment, build self-esteem and foster engagement. Outdoor experiences instill belonging and connection and help youth create patterns for healthy living. The natural environments are restorative, instill calm and provide an opportunity to slow the pace of life, while at the same time offering fun and adventure. The excursions provide a backdrop to process experiences and a lens for working with challenges. Our location is the ideal launching pad for adventure recreation and wilderness experiences. Many of the Northeast’s designated wilderness areas are under two hours away, while extensive state park systems, national forests, a national seashore and a national park are within a day’s drive. We believe the excursions below will offer transformative experiences that will foster new perspectives and opportunities:

  • Mountain Biking
  • Canoeing /Hiking /Fishing
  • Movie

We firmly believe that the combination of case management, safe residence and outdoor experiences will motivates and empowers youth on their journey toward wellness and success. This hybrid will be a real catalyst for change for our residents.