The Site

The initial site proposed location for the Rising Youth Center will be in Malden. The site is constituted of 2 apartments in the Malden Garden building with 2 bedrooms each. The building is located at 520 Main St, Malden, MA 02148. This cozy environment will allow us to offer 4 bedrooms to accommodate our residents. A site of this size will allow for a close relationship with the youth. The future state as we growth is expected to be a 4 bedrooms house also located in the Boston area.

When considering the location for the Rising Youth Center there are many important factors to consider. We have examined numerous properties in Malden and surrounding. Malden Garden apartment is a site that has met our needs completely. This site creates a neutral turf that will attract youth from all towns and allow ease of access regardless of which city they reside in.

When determining the site, the most important factor for the Center is convenience for our residents and ease of access for their families. The Malden Garden Apt site is located within 6 walking distance of the Malden High school, the Malden Public Library and the Malden Youth Center. In addition, it is at 3-minute walk to Malden Station. The public bus route has a stop right on the edge of the parking lot of the property which will create broader access to the site.

The property is located within the commercial and recreational zoning requirements needed to engage the youth. Its distance from the YMCA is ideal to organize activities for the residents. They are currently no transitional house in this part of the city that focus solely on youth. The Rising Youth Center will resolve this issue by creating a safe environment which helps young people strive. The Center will serve residents throughout all of Boston area. Our primary focus area includes Malden, Medford, Melrose and Somerville.