Staff is an important part of the Center because our staff are more than just employees, they are mentors and role models who will help young people navigate this difficult time. The Rising Youth Center with its initial size will be ran by:

  • 1 Center Director
  • 1 Case manager
  • 3 counselors

The Staff will be available 24/7 to ensure constant interact with residents. They should be able to listen to the youth, support them, help them to grow as people, remain drug free and truly care about the youth. A youth center is the perfect place to develop these relationships more and become a consistent positive role model for the youth.

The case manager will meet with each resident every 30 days to review their progress, their attendance in the mandatory center activities and determine their ability to live on their own. Once they have become self-sufficient, the case manager will help them find suitable housing in the area they intend to live on a permanent basis.

The staff would make sure that all youth attending the center agree to:

  • Be respectful towards oneself, peers, and staff
  • Not bring any weapons, drugs, alcohol, or tobacco to the center
  • Remain sober and drug free
  • Be appropriate with language and gestures
  • Respect the property of others including the furniture and games in the center
  • Obey all signs and regulations posted
  • Speak with a staff if a problem occurs